How I transitioned from being a photographer to a high-end business consultant and a leader

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How I transitioned from being a photographer to a high-end business consultant and a leader

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Following a dream …

Everyone is dreaming about the perfect coaching, consulting, teaching business model that would allow you to run your business passionately, with peace of mind and without any overwhelm and struggles.

Is that even possible? (Everything is possible if you put your mind to it)

I would rather ask you this question this way…

How much work and attention to detail would you need to invest into the development of such a consulting transformational model …

… that would conquer through all the objections and frustrations that your customer has and solve most of them without your personal time always being on the line?

But, instead the system that you could set in place, would work for you semi-automatically and deliver most of the transformation already for you!

It requires quite a lot of time to transition to the point that this would be possible …

I went through this experience myself and I was approached with each and every possible problem that business owners would be struggling with.

I came up with learnings and solutions of how to deliver the transformation to coaching clients without my personal time being involved 100%, but rather only around 20-30%!

Read on to learn more about my transformational business journey and discoveries of how I came up with the most optimal business consulting model possible!

Making a decision to learn entrepreneurship

5-7 years ago, I didn’t have a clue about an option to build an online business and be a consultant, coach and teacher. But at that time when I was completely on bottom, I made a decision that I am going to build my life from scratch, again.

So, the journey lead me through hard experiences toward learning entrepreneurship, sales, networking with likeminded people and also digital marketing.

I promise, if I wouldn’t be committed to my final goal, I would never manage to stick to the route and manifest my final results. But I never gave up and I learned the practice daily through Courses, Youtube, other Successful authorities.

I started to recognize the problems on the market and quickly solved them and packaged the solutions into my services.

My transformational journey from photographer to high-end business consultant

I started as a photographer and filmmaker, transitioned into building websites, setting up lead generation paid ads for businesses. Then I found out that they don’t actually know how to convert those leads into sales, so I started teaching them how to do sales calls.

Then I found out that they actually don’t have any processes in place so their business operations are not systemized and they are confused, overwhelmed and unorganized. That is why I transitioned into business consulting.

As a business consultant, I found out that I am often repeating the same knowledge again and again to each 1-to-1 separate client and with that wasting my time and educating each client individually.

I also found out that it’s very hard for me to systematically deliver the right knowledgeable information to them as our conversations could often be all over the place. I would be jumping from one topic to another and with that confusing the client.

Automating my service transformation delivery

So, I decided to create a step by step curriculum – a systematic program outline – that would be a strong foundation for each business owner, consultant, life coach, teacher, and they would be able to build on top of it.

I went with a few of my clients through my new program outline manually 1-on-1, so I was able to see how do they respond to it and where else are flaws in my system.

With that I received the right feedback to decide to record the program and create a video course.

I also knew that the transformation of the person who is going to watch the course won’t be that effective if I don’t support them 1-to-1 on top as well.

And this process is starting to work for me very well. I am able to outsource my own time to a recorded program system and then I just catchup with my clients on top of that as well.

Our conversations are so much more effective now, as they have the right knowledgeable foundation and can communicate back to me so much more effectively.

How can this idea help you?

I didn’t want to leave you empty handed, so I decided to share with you the same steps that I take my paying clients through in a quick 1-hour mini video course.

There is where I share with you the exact steps that I went through to have a very systemized business operational structure and semi-automatized client transformation delivery.

You can access the video course my mini video course “6 steps to build a high-end teaching business and operate it passively with peace of mind!” here: GET MINI COURSE

P.S. The video course that I prepared is only for the most serious, driven and focused people who want to get more out of their business.

It’s not for you if you are a confused bouncer who doesn’t finish what he/she starts!

I have put outermost attention to every detail of the business growth process described in the short video, so if you consume it, you are going to up level your business tremendously.

P.P.S Let me know below if you got any questions, ideas and feedback 😊

Access mini video course: GET MINI COURSE

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