Why is it good to create a transformational course structure?!

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Why is it good to create a transformational course structure?!

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Why is it good to create a transformational course structure to work with your clients through?!

When I started working with my first clients online 3 years ago, I worked with them through random individual 1-1 sessions.

I kind of knew what is the outcome that I want to deliver working with them.

But I wasn’t confident going into the next sessions with my clients.

I didn’t really know what to teach or coach on next.

I often became scattered, overwhelmed, and confused.

So were my clients, and they didn’t get consistent results.

I couldn’t improve my work, I couldn’t charge more, I couldn’t attract better clients who would have money, would want solutions fast and in a structured way.

We didn’t have a foundation to lean on!

So, I kept learning, studying, and figuring things out, and I decided to:

I am going to deliver to my clients 1 major outcome!

We are going to work through a step-by-step process.

Throughout those first steps we are going to get really clear on the outcome we want to achieve.

We are going to overcome all the problems, challenges, and struggles they are going through.

We are going to learn new (and equip them with the) knowledge pieces they need to move forward.

And we are going to put down a long-term accountability execution plan that they will follow after we complete our collaboration.

And this process will have 8 major steps – 8 modules.

  • The first step will lay down the foundation
  • 6 steps will teach, educate, and provide them with homework
  • The last step will show them how to put it all in a consistent action

Each step/module will have 4 lessons.

Each lesson will have 4 sentence/bullet-points descriptions that drive the lesson home.

I said to myself, this is going to be my course structure!

And each of my clients will need to go through the exact steps that I laid down.

Because I am the expert, I have spent months and years studying their “problem” and desires in and out – I even went through a similar transformational path myself, and it worked for me!

And as an expert, I am so good at it, that I know I can come up with a structured solution!

And this structure will help us:

  • To always know what is next
  • We can checkmark things off by doing the small steps
  • They start believing in themselves, as they see that they are progressing and completing the work
  • I can improve each individual step and build on top
  • Someday my course can become the simplest and sharpest and fastest solution for this type of client
  • The better it becomes, the more money I can charge
  • The clients can achieve consistent results

I am planning to create a step-by-step video for my YT channel where I teach how to create a very structured course,

how to include in the offer package your “coaching” solutions,

and for that package charge a higher price for the complete solution!

If you would want to see the video when it’s ready, make sure to subscribe my YT channel: Primoz Lazar – YouTube



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