What it is to live a Premium life? (Article published in May Lux Magazine)

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What it is to live a Premium life? (Article published in May Lux Magazine)

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Very exciting news 🙂 My article has just been published in May Lux Magazine!

This might sound strange, but May Lux Magazine is for women who have grown up in oppressive cultures of strict rules and prohibitions. They look for inspiration, education, and transformation to be independent, modern, empowered, and self-sufficient.

And I was invited to give the readers a perspective through the “Man’s Eye” so the women can see the world also from the masculine perspective 🙂

I wrote about What it is to be “living a Premium life” – a lifestyle by your own design 🙂

I described the ideal through my personal transformational life story, in 4-steps:
– Acquiring a sufficient personality
– Paint a dream vision, set an ultimate achievable goal, and have a professional vehicle that is going to take you there (have a project to work on)
– Have great social relationships – you can’t succeed single-handedly
– Become a leader of your own life and many others

I would appreciate you reading it! 🙂 It will give you an insight into how can you make an ultimate decision to achieve the change in your life, gather up the courage, and head toward living a Premium Life yourself 🙂

And if you are a woman who wants to become modern, empowered, and self-sufficient I want to invite you to get this current edition of the Magazine so you can get inspired by other women’s stories and learn how have they overcome their challenges.

Access the magazine HERE!

🙂 Primoz



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