The online business growth process on which you can rely on

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The online business growth process on which you can rely on

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You as an online entrepreneur need assurance – A complete business model (a process) that works and on which you can rely on.

And it’s quite simple!

You got a solution to a certain problem (your Offer) that someone has got (a person in the Niche).

You got to communicate that message (of what you do, and who you help) to your potential clients utilizing social media channels.

In your social media network there need to be people who qualify as your potential clients (who fit your ideal client avatar), so you don’t talk about your message to your “mom, dad, and grandma” who will never become your clients, but instead in your network, there need to be people who have the problem that you solve! And you need to strategically make them become your friends, connections, followers, subscribers.

So, how do you communicate your message to your audience? Via content creation. You create content pieces that transfer “the energy/the message” to them.

You create inspirational content pieces (share your story, your lifestyle, client successes, what’s possible to achieve working with you), educational belief shifting posts (share the transformational process through which they achieve the results, break down their limiting beliefs that are holding them back from achieving their goals, share an insight to a solution of how to overcome the challenges they have), and you create a specific offer posts (that share with them “the specifics of your program/offer” and how can they start working with you).

Doing that you will make them know you, like you, and trust you! Some of them will reach out to you to work with you. People buy from those who they can trust and are familiar with (so they know they won’t get deceived and stolen from).

And so, you will continue engaging with your audience and have more meaningful interactions with them. You will have DM conversations with them and connect more in-depth, prequalify (see if they are in your target audience), qualify (see if they have a need to solve the problem they have), show them your expertise and invite them to have a call with you.

On the calls, you will be able to provide them with an idea of how can they solve their problem. You will diagnose their situation, qualify them more in-depth, present your solution/offer, see if they are committed to going with you through the process, and if yes, if they are willing to pay into your offer. Some of them will start working with you.

As you can see, the steps above are the elements of a full online business growth process on which you must be able to rely on.

The process needs to allow you to:

Get in contact with potential clients.

Pre-frame them for your offer (content marketing).

Have DM conversations with them to book calls.

Have strategy calls in a specific way to enroll clients.

If your business is not prospering, one or all of these steps in the process are not working and you will need to fix them.

You will need to make SURE that you can master them all, so you can expose your message, to as many potential clients as possible, through content creation, initiate conversations, book in calls, enroll clients.

If you got any questions about the steps shared with you above, let me know, I’m here to help ❤



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