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I am offering a ‘results-based’ online coaching business growth partnership!

I decided to partner up with 3-5 clients who I am going to work with very intensively on achieving these primary outcomes – and you will be able to pay me back from the results we achieve together:

  • You structuring the most amazing signature course/higher-valued program (high-price) – through which you are going to be delivering your clients 1 major big outcome! (through your expertise)
  • You enrolling your first higher-paying client for your new course – feedback and proof of concept
  • You enroll your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th higher-paying client and approve your concept

And then, if our partnership is truly successful, we will continue our collaboration so you achieve online marketing consistency – start enrolling 2-3 higher-paying clients per month, and with that become a full-time online coach.

This is how our collaboration will work:

Firstly, we will go through my 8-week Premium Life Launchpad Program through which we will complete my course, position your online coaching business, and learn all the fundamentals of online marketing, lead generation, and sales.

I explain the Program Curriculum in my PROGRAM EXPLANATION VIDEO primozlazar.com/offer which you should watch before applying to work with me on this.

The original price of this program is $2,500, but for this ‘results-based’ collaboration we will value it at $5,000 (as our collaboration will be a few months longer and “unlimited” – we are in this together) which will need to be paid back to me from the new clients that you enroll into your course working with me.

Our results-based collaboration is not free to begin with as it still requires an initial down-payment that locks it in. The size of it can be discussed privately between us via DM’s or Zoom call. And this payment counts into the $5k mark.

The goal is, that I help you enroll your first higher-paying client for at least $2,500, and then the 2nd, 3rd, and the 4th one. For example, that makes up to $10,000, out of which I will be paid back $5,000!

If we reach this milestone successfully, I am open to discussing an ongoing collaboration agreement with the goal of you start enrolling 3-5 clients per month, and we can discuss a small percentage paid back to me at that later time.

So, in the first 2-months we are going to complete my 8-week program and already enroll 1 higher-paying client for you. The next 3 will be enrolled in Months 3 and 4!

We are going to be talking 2-3 times per week (short calls) and DM chatting on daily basis via Discord for accountability. In between our calls you will be doing homework tasks of my course and executing marketing and sales activities.

I got the capacity to do this collaboration only with 3-5 people, and I am going to carefully choose who fits the collaboration criteria perfectly.

You will need to be a fast learner, communicative, and driven, you will need to show up day-in, day-out and “very well” match my upbeat energy 🙂

With all that said, please reach out to me in DM’s here on Facebook so I can elaborate on the collaboration idea with you personally.

Looking forward to learning about your vision and creating a plan of how can we bring it to life together.

Send me a message! Or directly book a call with me below.

Speak soon!