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Song: Primoz Lazar – Open up your soul

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Sunday is the day to revitalize your soul!

The day offered me some time to relax and be creative. I wrote a cool song:

Sometimes you got to take it a little easy
Free your mind up and open your soul
Forget all frustrations that make you dizzy
Relieve yourself and set aside your goals
Lets step back revive, zoom out and blossom
Minimalize the worries, feel the wind blow
All the stress away, make your life Awesome
Connect to your spirit, allow it to glow

You lost yourself, too stressed with the Hastle
You progressed but now – its time for a break
Get yourself together and organize your Castle
To goin the battle, get focused and awake
Right now its your time to find the strength within
think about the strategy, manifest the dream
Continue the streak, get win after win
I am ready to begin, again Make the world spin

Ready for new battles?

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