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Personal Growth Coaching

My goal has always been to transfer the information that I have learned and experienced on other people. The journey that I have gone through to build myself up again was not easy. It was a long journey to grow from the bottom of the emotional scale back to empowerment. I love helping others to gain the knowledge and confidence to learn the attitude of how to keep winning in all areas of their lives.

Do you want my personal assistance? I am open and ready for collaboration! Reach out to me!

Together we can achieve more. There are few ways to work with me: personal assistance, a business partnership through Premium Life, personal business partnership and so on. I will love to hear from you, see what are you up to, what you are doing in your life and how is everything going for you. We can always find common interests and find a way to work together. I am very open-minded and have big goals supported by a great vision. I will accept your input and give you my feedback toward designing and making something great out of our collaboration.

What can you get from me?

I believe that the preparation is crucial. If you set yourself on a certain path and are not prepared enough, it can hurt you and it’s dangerous. If you are lacking the knowledge of what can go wrong, and relying on yourself that you will figure it out while you go, your insufficient foundation can break. You need to find the balance between preparation and action. Together we can set yourself on the right path toward making your dreams reality.

It is not easy to look on yourself from the third perspective and have the self-control that will ultimately keep moving you forward. My clients turn on me to serve them as external ultimator who they can analyse and brainstorm their situations with. They get from me suggestions on the direction they should undertake and an external push that moves them across the edge to start accomplishing the set goal.

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