Here is what our Premium Life clients have to say:

Anthony Saprygin

“In a few months of working together with Primoz, we managed to really level up my numbers. I’m booking 2-4 calls daily and achieved my first month with 10k worth of business booked. Highly recommend Primoz for organizing and optimizing your routines!”

Devlin Tikitiki

“I was looking for a system to generate leads and converting prospects into clients. Primoz holds me accountable through his program. After working with Primoz I was able to get 3 new paying clients for my coaching program I am so grateful for being a part of his team and programs he offers.”

Pablo Gonzalez

"When I was just getting started, Primoz’s system was a big reason I achieved fast business growth. It gave me the accountability, sales strategy, and most important CLARITY. I needed
to drown out all the outside noise and
uncertainty that I was swimming in, at the time."

Brady Scott

"My content was out of line and didn't engage my target audience at all. During the time working with Primoz, I learned how to craft content that got my target audience liking, commenting, and sharing. My sales skills have also taken off since I started doing the sales role-play with the mastermind community."


“Working with Premium life group provided me with accountability! The community and the team work, and the sales role-play practice helped me to close more sales! Primoz pushed me forward and required from me to do more.”

Eddy Smits

"I worked with Primoz for quite some time now, he is a great mentor, coach and holds everyone accountable! He is a great motivator! I endorse him!"

Eddy needed help transitioning from being a local coach to becoming an online coach. We worked on online branding and acquiring clients online.


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