E-book - What I knew when I was down

E-book – What I knew when I was down


I was 21-22 when I left my family and moved from Slovenia to Australia to live on my own. I needed to build everything from scratch, on my own. I had been growing and fighting, always at the edge financially and emotionally, but I came through.

This booklet describes the thoughts that were being developed in my mind and at the end shaped me to be completely connected to my higher spirit.

You can skip pages and jump randomly over to any other page and read any text message that comes across to receive random answers that could relate to your current life situation.

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Example from the book:

When I get empty, I have to disconnect myself from this cycling orientation.

Meanwhile life’s circle doesn’t stop and it runs without my presence.

I can be happy I am not away, I am not falling behind and I am not following.

I am a leader.

I am always a few steps in front of it.

I can plan and make it happen as I want, at least until I am observing righteousness in the most important place and never allow myself to get out of order.

In the foreground, I am safe, relaxed and I have enough of a resistance to act and respond in a proper manner.

There, where I am, I feel the best.

I don’t regret what I couldn’t reach.

I gave everything in and I am grateful for the position I have gained.

I grabbed what was offered to me.

I won’t waste this place because I live conscientiously, and healthy life.

I am clean, loved, not scared, and a lack of luck can’t hurt me.

I understand what not to do to make it right and because of this, I will live longer.

I am blissful when I am admiring how our highest power is accepting and rewarding my availability to listen and obey respectfulness which is leaning on me.

It needs me and I need its goodness.
I can upgrade my vision and perception to become an intuitional perfectionist to have unlimited access with full view on its virtue.

I am not fearful, I am loved! I am proud of myself and our Lord, creator of heaven, Earth and hell.

Without it I would not know what I am afraid of.


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