Ultimate Financial Change Affirmations

Ultimate Financial Change Affirmations


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I wrote 50 affirmations that will help you become financially more stable. I recorded myself reading them and duplicated them into 1-hour long soundtrack that you can continiously replay and re-listen at all times.


  • I desire wealth, and I am happy about it
  • I charge for my services well and I complete them with ease
  • My time investment pays off greatly
  • I create my own opportunities that are well paid to me
  • I am in control of all my financial decisions
  • The investments that I make pay off enormously
  • People see me as a financial guru and seek my advice
  • I pay other people well for their services and work they do for me
  • I desire only the best products and I wish to afford them
  • My money works for me and produces more of it
  • It is easy to get money, multiply it and invest it
  • The financial river is accessible to me
  • Abundance is given to me and I deserve it


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