E-book - How I built my life

E-book – How I built my life


How I built my life and Shaped my Destiny

The journey that I have gone through was not easy, especially as I not-knowingly switched from being a good child to a man who doesn’t have a vision, purpose and goals. The discovery of the life truth helped me to turn my life toward greatness and now I am at the beginning stages of achieving my dreams.

This booklet describes my story of finding out what works in life and how I discovered the path to my personal freedom and the development of my business models that will take me toward the achievement of my dreams.

Primoz Lazar

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Section from the book:

When I literally found myself at the lowest point that a human being can be at, I actually recognized that what I’ve done is all wrong.

My real-world collapsed, and I found myself in front of the window of my soul. My body was weak. My consciousness was gone.

And all I had was a little spirit in me that I just couldn’t resist. I saw that little potential, that child in me, the leap of faith that came to me through the highest and almighty.

I found the truth, I was at the bottom of the emotional scale – where the fear exists, depression comes in, and the grief overcame myself. The light that I found was the temple of this darkness. It was the light at the end of the tunnel.

With that, I confirmed what I was searching for, and I decided to rise again.

Now I knew what not to do. Not one-hundred percent, but at least roughly. I never gave up, and I started creating my own world, my own reality and started fighting my past prejudices.


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