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The following is an invitation to work with me:

An opportunity to partner up with me on your course/signature program creation and getting the first higher-paying clients for it👇

Yes, I am open to partnering up with you as a starting online coach/course creator and working with you for 8-weeks personally, so you can:

  • Create a very structured course/signature program for which you can charge a higher price
  • Position your online personal brand, master the marketing and sales process, and enroll the first higher-paying client for your program, and with that get a proof of concept
  • Then achieve consistency and enroll the 2nd, 3rd client, and with time start enrolling 1-per week, 3-4 per month, and with that earn a full-time online income, and start doing online coaching as your full-time career

An 8-week collaboration includes intense 1 to 1 work with me (partners in crime), we meet up every 3-days (16x 30-min sessions), you study my video course modules and complete the homework between our sessions, we follow a strict execution checklist, you receive 4-month access to my group mastermind that comes with 2x weekly group Q/A calls, we communicate/chat through my private Discord channel, so you always have me by your side whenever needed.

We follow my 8 module course outline, and go through these 2 stages:

1) Premium positioning:

  • Discovering your expertise/skills/gifts and getting clear on your value and 1 major outcome that you deliver to others
  • Creating a course/signature program structure and packaging it into a higher-valued coaching offer
  • Positioning your online personal brand and social channels so they convey your message in a clear way
  • Setting up a mini-passive conversion system for E-mail list building, passive sales call bookings, etc…

2) Online marketing and sales mastery (with a goal to earn a full-time online income as a coach/course creator – enroll 3-4 higher-paying clients per month)

  • Understanding how do you establish your online authority/expert status
  • Audience expansion methods (manual networking, organic content reach, JV collaborations)
  • Creating valuable content pieces for audience nurturing – coming up with content topics, mastering content management, copywriting, and video recording
  • Driving engagement and “leads” – getting people raise hand through regular posts, reels, stories (share their opinion, ask questions, express interest in working with you, reach out to you)
  • Mastering text/DM/E-mail conversations through which you book “strategy sales calls”
  • Mastering sales call conversations to effortlessly qualify and enroll a higher-paid client
  • Execution consistency on a daily and weekly basis – social media marketing and online coaching becomes part of your lifestyle

I also offer an opportunity to continue working with me through my advanced group course launch execution:

  • How to instead of enrolling 1 client at a time, speak to many, and enroll a group of clients into your course in one shot
  • Establishing a private Facebook group community/E-mail list of warm potential clients
  • Announcing a free live Workshop, generating leads, filling the Facebook group/E-mail list
  • Running a live group Workshop, delivering value, value, value and introducing your offer
  • Doors/cart open, promoting/explaining/sharing your offer and enrolling clients
  • Delivering your course, group program, hybrid program and run it evergreen throughout the year

This offer/collaboration is for you, if you are looking to create your signature course/program, get the first few higher-paying clients for it, and at the end of the day become a full-time online coach, course creator, entrepreneur, and do this work solely as your career.

You are fully committed to becoming an expert and an authority on your topic, building a social media personal brand, accepting social media marketing as part of your lifestyle, producing consistent valuable content pieces that serve others, engaging with those who need your help, and with that make a huge impact – on lives of others – and with that your own life!

To discuss our collaboration, please book a call with me!