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I have high standards in all that I do.

My entrepreneurial journey started after I left school just before the final exams. I began my career as a videographer, working with my dad. We shot different events, ceremonies, and weddings. Very soon I bought myself my first camera Canon 5D mark 3 that allowed me to become a photographer as well.

If you read my About page, you now know that I left Slovenia to live in Australia. After first 6-months I got a job in Wedding Photography Company. I worked there for 2.5 years. This is where I upgraded my video and photography skills and became good at it. Beside of that I also started learning a lot about business, working with customers, producing great products, deliver a lot of value and how to exceed expectations. 

But the job couldn’t completely fulfill me as I didn’t want just to work as a technician and exchange my time for money, so I started developing a few other business models that could potentially take me toward achieving my dreams! I set my highest vision and developed a Premium Life entrepreneurial project to connect many like-minded entrepreneurs and build a huge networking community. I also started learning about Digital marketing and how to set up websites and build an online brand. 

I part-time separated from my Wedding photography job and started working with businesses and creating websites for them. Not just regular websites, but I called them Conversion systems. I connected a website also with E-mail marketing, CRM and a sales funnel. I included in the package SEO as well and added on top some digital marketing services. I named the brand Ideal Online Business Agency.

The work was fine, but I didn’t feel passionate about it but websites didn’t provide direct short term results to businesses and I ran out of time. I leaned into lead generation through Facebook ads. I generated some quick results but I was not that experienced in business and marketing yet. So I needed to leave this work behind for a while until I become better entrepreneur.

I returned back home from Australia and officially establish a few additional brands that you can see below. I was the best in producing videos and photos so I established Showcasing ideas to make some quick and solid money locally. During this time I practiced phone sales and local meeting sales, a lot! Then I also set up a few Facebook campaigns for myself and some other clients and found out that Facebook ads work best with great a photo and especially with a video as an ad!

I loved the fact that I can combine my photo and video skills with digital marketing services and can charge companies well to do the work for them. I also found out that they don’t know how to convert the leads well. So I also became their sales consultant and business strategist. I named this brand Business Success Leap Agency. 

During all this journey I kept posting on social media and established my online Primoz Lazar personal brand and created a few motivational and educational products. This is how all my brands were born. I have built a great support team locally and virtually so I can operate them all simultaneously. Please learn more about them individually below.