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My life story

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I had an above-average childhood. I was a really good student in primary school, I had a lot of fun playing sports, joking around with friends, spending quality time with my brothers and a sister, learning new things, …

But I always had a feeling that there is something missing in me. I often felt unfulfilled and empty. And immediately when I transitioned to high school, things started falling apart.

My parents lost control over me, teachers weren’t able to direct me anymore, so I started shifting my focus from studying to short term pleasures with my “friends”.

And just before graduation, I dropped out of school (I wouldn’t complete it anyway) and continued my bad habits of wasting time. I broke down, lost my vision, dreams, and fell into depression.

I was completely on the floor, I lost myself, and I needed to make a decision! Either I continue and I die, or I start re-building my life!

And guess what!? I never looked back.

This is where the hardest part of my transformational journey began. I needed to experience life in a new way. I needed to re-adjust my “program”, find my purpose, establish new goals, develop a new attitude, gain skills, and most importantly – become self-independent!

And because I want to share my story with you in-depth, I wrote the book “How I built my life and shaped my destiny”, where I share my life transformational story in the detail. 🙂

You can get it here: GET THE BOOK 🙂



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