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Primoz Lazar’s life story!

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I recorded and edited a short video that tells my life transformational story.

It explains the challenges that I have gone through and how I gained the experience to be an online business coach and strategist.

Through my story I want to show you that is possible, only if you are able to adopt the success principles and execute on them!

Click below to start an online business to achieve freedom and live a lifestyle by your own design!


I have always had an above average childhood.

My parents provided me with all the fundamentals needed for growth, but I often felt like that there is something missing in me.

I was really good student in primary school, but when I transitioned into high school, I lost all the interest for learning.

My parents and teachers stopped looking over my shoulder and I chose to follow my own will.

I started hanging out with friends and I wouldn’t complete the last 4th class, so I decided to drop out.

I wanted to start my photography business but didn’t have any sales skills to get in more projects.

I failed in life and business, so I lost my hope, vision, dreams and family trust. I fell into depression.

I needed to make an ultimate decision, either something happens to me and I die, or I decide for growth and progression.

I decided to re-build my life and in 2-years I got back up and solid. I was 22-years old and I became bored again.

I was aware of my potential, but couldn’t take advantage of it. Suddenly I was introduced to the opportunity that I leave my home country and travel to Australia.

That is when the hard journey to finding out what works in life and what doesn’t, began.

I was offered a wedding photography job.

I started adopting success principles and the attitude needed to succeed in life.

I worked with many photography customers and learned how to deliver great service and also developed the leadership skills while directing them.

I stepped aside and I set my ultimate life goals and designed how my dream future should look like.

I started building a business model that is going to take me there. I named it Premium life.

One of the conditions was that it would provide me with location independency and enormous potential for scaling.

I had a goal, but didn’t have the skills yet to get there, luckily I was determined to get myself educated.

I threw myself into learning about entrepreneurship, marketing and sales.

I also knew that I need to pick up the phone and do some cold sales calls.

I started building websites for business owners.

I learned basics of digital marketing and setup a few paid lead generation campaigns for them.

I quickly noticed that they don’t know how to convert the leads that I generate for them, into revenue, so I started coaching them on sales.

Then I found out they don’t really know how to manage their business right and I transitioned into business consulting.

I was doing all that locally for a while, but then I discovered the online coaching community!

I moved my business completely online and continued helping my clients!

I moved away from the city into a peaceful environment into a small vacation house in nature.

In a few months time I mastered the online marketing game of how to get premium clients that pay high ticket price for your services.

From all the knowledge gathered I started crafting an outline and I created an ultimate online business growth program that helps people to start an online business so they can achieve freedom!

And with that finalized the development of the Premium life business model

It consists of 3 parts: Firstly, it helps people to start their own online business so they can live  a lifestyle by their own design and have freedom!

It’s also an online networking community, a mastermind of likeminded entrepreneurs who support each other, and lastly, it provides the most driven individuals with part time affiliate and networking business opportunity.

With all that said, if you are anything like me, ambitious, progressive and driven to get more out of your life, I am inviting you to visit the website link below, so you can start your own online business and shape your destiny to start living your dreams.

WARNING: This is only for people serious about setting up their business for long term success and are willing to invest in growing their business.

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