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Invitation to work with me 1-on-1

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If you have at anytime desired to escape your unpurposeful daily routine and wanted to get more out of your life, I have a special, very concise and sharp 1:1 program that shows you how to build an online business vehicle that is going to take you toward living your ideal lifestyle!

My expertise is extracting your strengths, expertise and unique gifts and packaging them into a high ticket ($3-5k) irresistible offer/program so you can get your first premium clients and deliver them great results!

The best news is that you don’t need any prior experience as anyone can help other people to solve at least 1 problem on personal or professional level (health, wealth, relationships, personal development)! All that you need is to have a desire, discipline and work ethic!

The program involves working closely with me one-on-one for 12-weeks intensively! We work on the following things:

1) Designing your ideal lifestyle and getting familiar with online business fundamentals! – It’s important that you know how your dream looks like and what is your ultimate achievable goal that’s going to fulfill your life purpose. I educate you on the busines model that we are going to use to build the vehicle that is going to take you toward achieviemnt of your dreams!

2) Getting familiar with your unique gift, which problem do you solve and forming an Irresistible offer – Understanding who exactly do you help and what are the results that you deliver to your end clients. Crafting an offer bundle (program outline) that delivers quality results so you can charge a premium, a high ticket price with low margins and high profit!

3) Uncovering the secrets of how to get your first premium clients online, organically without cost! – Learning about organic marketing and how to easily attract potential clients who are asking to work with you, instead of you chasing them. I provide you with proven content creation templates, we come up with content topics and schedule and we start mastering copywriting that transfers your message to the world!

4) Learning and mastering how to onboard new clients, manage them and deliver outstanding results – I teach you how to smoothly convert interested prospects into your clients so you can immediately start working with them. I provide you with all that you need to know to work with your clients 1-1 so you get them deep transformations!

5) Automation! – My job is to train you to master the steps above so we can ultimately semi-automatize your product/service, transformation delivery, build an online workspace infrastructure so you can collaborate with a team to help you, and you can start living the freedom that you have always desired.

This program is not for everyone! It’s extensive, priced in the mid 4-figures and only for those who have the work ethic, can focus and are willing to follow my directions to build this online freedom business for you!

The financial investment for this progam is not small, but the online business vehicle that we build together will be bringing you cashflow for years to come! (and my average clients get the return on investment in the first 2-months working with me). Usually it takes 2-4 months for the complete system to warm up and start throwing out the leads consistently!

You get 12-week access to me, we will have weekly 1on1 Zoom calls, I provide you with a few assignments (worksheets, to-do tasks) and unlimited WhatsApp text support so you got complete accountability to get your results.

At this level, I don’t work with just anyone, I am extremely cautious about who do I spend time with, but if you are positive minded, ethical and responsible, hopefully we will be the right fit to work together.

If interested, simply book in a call with me and I will be happy to provide you with more details, so we can see if the program is a fit for you. CLICK HERE

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