Insight to a solution of "Attracting potential clients through your content creation"

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Insight to a solution of “Attracting potential clients through your content creation”

Posted by: Primoz Lazar
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What in your social content pieces (videos, copy) actually attracts “potential clients”? …

… so they see you as an expert,

so they see you as someone they would like to hire,

so they have a desire to hang around you more,

learn more from your content, your methods, your ideas, your mindset, your solutions…

No matter who you are, a life coach, mindset coach, relationship coach, healer, business service provider, guitar teacher, cook, …

The principle of “content attraction” will be the same for all,

  • except that the outcome you are delivering to others is different,
  • and the problem people have that is stopping them to achieve that outcome is different,
  • and the person who has got that problem is different.

But 1 thing is the same.

There exists a gap, a gap that these people, who tend to be your ideal clients, can’t fulfill.

And, what does fulfill this gap, is “a solution”!

And a solution (fulfilment of this gap), is called “value”!

And when you work with your clients, you are fulfilling this gap (solving their problem, helping them overcome their challenges, teaching them the knowledge pieces, so they can move toward the end desired outcome) and with that delivering the value!

Now, before I share with you my recognition of what is that makes your content attract your potential clients, understand this:

The “opportunity of online content creation” is communicating with the masses through a written word – copywriting (or spoken word if it’s video).

So, creating online content you are communicating with people.

You are speaking to them.

And now, the epiphany – what kind of “talk” attracts someone to you, so they want to listen to more of your “talk”, is….

drumm roll….

The better (and in a clearest way) you can demonstrate “the value” to other people,

the more attracted they will be to you.

(Again, value being a solution (or an insight to a solution) to that certain problem people have).

Why so?

Because they have a desire, a desire to achieve that major outcome (which you know how to deliver).

They have a desire to get rid of, and get away from the problem stopping them to get there, the frustration they have, the struggle they are experiencing, and often the pain they have.

And if you just clearly demonstrated through your content copywriting – your speech, your talk, that you exactly know:

  • what is that they want
  • what is that is stopping them to get there
  • and most importantly HOW THEY CAN GET THERE, which they don’t…

Don’t you think it’s natural that they will WANT to have MORE OF YOU?

More of your VALUE – ideas, concepts, solutions, guidelines…


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Yes, if you can clearly paint a picture to people that you are an expert on that certain topic of yours – You will be ATTRACTIVE.

Your content copy will be attractive.

And so, I know of a very basic copywriting exercise through which you can speak out your value clearly – and you will need to do that through all of your content pieces, over and over again…

Imagine you are speaking to an ideal client, someone who fits your solution even better that you know off, and if you only speak to them correctly, they will hire you on the spot.

They are standing in front of you in some kind of a corridor, and you say:

“[The solution] to [the problem], that [people like you] have in regards to achieving [the major outcome] is”… (describe the solution – Step 1, step 2, step 3).

You see, this statement has got a few elements that you need to know in and out,…

  • Problem – Challenges, lack of knowledge, limiting or wrong beliefs, questions people have
  • Person – Age, gender, career, free time, family, desire, problem
  • Desired outcome – YOUR NICHE – MAJOR OUTCOME (health, relationship, career, mindset, hobby skills, fun…)
  • Solution – A set of clear answers, knowledge pieces, techniques through which the problem is solved and the outcome is achieved!

Thereafter, the only thing you need to do through your online content creation is to “paint a picture” of the above statement to your readers in the clearest ways possible, over and over again…

And you will do that through creating a variety of content pieces that explain each individual “mini problem, challenge, wrong belief, needed knowledge piece” that people have/need, and with that provide an “insight to a solution” for those…

With that people achieve epiphanies and they want more of those. In fact, they want an ULTIMATE EPHIPHANY! They want it now! If their desire is huge enough, the gap is big, the problem is big, and they do have the money to invest in you, …

Bang, they will “hire” you! Because you are the GO TO gal for that topic!

And the more effective your course/signature program/the process of delivering the solution to them is, the higher you will be able to be paid for it!

Be good, just wanted to share my insight to a solution with you today 🙂



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