How to write a content piece with structure

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How to write a content piece with structure

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I’d like to provide you with a framework of how can you write content pieces with structure.

I analyse and read a lot of content pieces online and often the writing is not clear, confusing and the message of it isn’t explained well.

I’m not an expert copywriter myself, but I’m learning. English isn’t my first language, so while you’re reading my copy you might find some grammatical errors, I hope you forgive me 🙂

[The plot]

(Point 1 – Understand the basics of copywriting)

Before you even write a content piece, you’ll need to understand a few basics of copywriting.

– The content piece needs to deliver a clear message that’s delivered consecutively from the beginning to the end
– Each section needs to support the next one, the same is with paragraphs and sentences
– Keep it simple, write so a nine-year-old could understand what you are saying
– Know that you’re writing for the reader, and not for yourself, mention “you” twice as much as “I or me”
– No one wants to read your “sh*t”. Writing, reading is a transaction. The readers donate their time, and in exchange, you should educate them, inspire them, entertain them
– It takes studying, reading, and practicing to become really good at writing

There’re many more rules that you should follow, but I just wanted to give you a few ideas.

(Point 2 – Understand the structure of a content piece)

The second thing that you’ll need to be aware of is the structure of each content piece that you are writing.

There are 3 main sections through which you’ll write your content piece:

– Introduction (Hook)
– The plot (Epiphany/story) that consists of a few “points”
– Conclusion (Summary)
– Call to action

If you don’t write a clear introduction/hook, the reader won’t continue reading. If you don’t deliver the main plot/epiphany in a sensible way, no-one will read the conclusion. If you don’t summarize the message in the conclusion and ask people to take action, no-one will know what to do next.


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(Point 3 – Plan the message for each section ahead of time)

You shouldn’t just start writing, but you should plan ahead what you’ll write about.

First, come up with a “message” that you’d like to deliver. You’ll need to deliver this message through the structure that I shared with you before.

Then you should create “the birds-eye view” framework. Write bullet points for what are you going to write:

– in the introduction: state and introduce the reader to the topic (the message)
– the plot: write the bullet points through which you will deliver the message
– the conclusion: remind the reader of the point of your content
– and as s CTA: explain your “Call to action” of what to do next

After you write all the bullet points, expand them, and write out the written word for each of them.


If you follow my guidelines and start producing very concise content pieces, you will be producing a well-written copy and the readers will enjoy your writing. They will get familiar with your story, knowledge, expertise, and solutions.

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