How to structure your service Offer!

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How to structure your service Offer!

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People want to have their major problem (the one stopping them from getting to the next level of personal/professional growth) solved now!

They want to feel the relief right now!😅

They don’t want to go through a painful, foggy, and confusing long process!

Your job as an online service provider is to have a sharp marketing message and AN OFFER in place that solves their current problem QUICKLY! Or at least delivers the first empowering outcomes QUICKLY! 🙏

It needs to give your clients the results (or at least a feeling of achievement) in the first few days-weeks of working with you so they can get a sense of fulfillment, transition, and empowerment.

Your work needs to uplift them quickly, so they can start cruising as soon as possible and just keep implementing whatever else is missing…

But this won’t ever happen, if you as a coach, service provider, won’t have your Big promise dialed in, and if you won’t be able to deliver the extreme transformation to your clients in that short period of time.

If you do it unsuccessfully you will lose their interest in collaboration and they will fade away. 🌪️

So, the first and the most important thing that HAS TO BE TOTALLY CLEAR IN YOUR BUSINESS is…

💥 You got to have a solution packaged into THE OFFER that people want NOW! And it can solve their current problem NOW!💥

Ask yourself these 3 things when adjusting your offer:

– What exact problem does it solve?

– How quick can you deliver the major solution and results to your clients in regards of that problem!

– What will be the long term benefits for your client when they get rid of their problem (this will help you determine your offer price💰)

If you can identify which problem people want to solve right now (lose weight, find a soul mate improve their family relationships, live peace and calm, get more money, grow business, etc…whatever it really is) and you can totally solve it as an expert, quick, sharp, strictly and solid over and over again, everyone will want you right now!!

And in business, of course, it gets more complicated than that.

But it shouldn’t be that way at all!

There are a few other things that I know of, that are stopping you as an online business owner right now… 🤷‍♂️

They are related to your business vision, marketing strategy, sales process, systematic product delivery and of course – OPERATIONS!

Whatever goal you are going after, there is one or more of these business elements preventing you from hitting your goals.

And you will need to improve those parts! 🤗

(Ask yourself: What is that one major problem that I have right now preventing me to scale and blow up? And, what are the problems that are going to occur after I solve the first major problem? – If you don’t see the solutions yourself, ask me to brainstorm it with ya!🤩)

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