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How to attract coaching clients through online content attraction marketing

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Very important online coaching business growth question:

How to attract clients toward you (or to reach out to you) through the content you create!

How does online client content attraction marketing work?

Wait no longer, I explain it in this article!

Know what makes you and your content attractive!

The first step to attracting potential clients online is knowing “what is that actually makes you attractive”!

The answer: Demonstrating “value” in other people’s eyes makes you attractive!

I wrote an extensive article describing this idea, you can read it here:

But to summarize it – People already desire certain solutions!

They desire a certain outcome.

And if you show them that you have the solution to get that outcome (demonstrate the value), they are automatically attracted to you!

Why so?

Because they desire that thing that you got! They desire your value!

What is “the value”?

Value is the gap between their current situation and desired situation – a set of problems, challenges, lack of knowledge, and questions that people have and are stopping them to move forward toward their end goal!

And if you demonstrate to them that you know “the answers” to their problems, they will automatically want “more of you and your solutions”!

How do you demonstrate your value on social media to attract clients

You will demonstrate “the value” through the content pieces that you create on social media.

The right people who will resonate with it and will consume your content, experience shifts, epiphanies, and mini-breakthroughs!

You will be seen as the expert and earn their trust.

You will achieve high altitude toward them!

Helping, helping, helpinggiving, giving, giving will automatically make you desirable and attractive.

At the end of those content pieces, you will attach CTA opportunity to work with you, and they will have an opportunity to make that next step!

You will present them with “an offer” – an opportunity to work with you so they can achieve the outcome/results, faster, with less struggle, with ease – they will love to pay you!

They will value time (figuring all the rest on their own, struggling and learning through experience) over money!

They will want you to apply the solution to their unique situation!

But before you start creating content pieces, you will want to “identify the value” very much in-depth!

Your content marketing message comes out of your value!

Knowing your value and content topics through which you are going to speak to other people

To identify “the value” that people need and are attracted to, you will need to know two things:

  1. Firstly, what is that they actually want to achieve, what is their desire – this is that “ideal state” that you get them into
  2. Secondly, where they are right now – what is stopping them from achieving it!

The more you know their desires, and their problems stopping them, the better you can speak to them and show them you know how to help them move forward.

You will want to identify all the problems, challenges, …, and then you will create 1 content piece for each in which you will break “the problem” down, and provide an insight to a solution!

As already mentioned, people will experience “shifts” and see that you know what you are talking about, and will want to move forward working with you.

So, to identify “the value”, write out all your potential client’s problems, challenges, frustrations, knowledge pieces people need, and questions they have, that are stopping them to move forward toward their desired situation!

Make a long quality list – these topics will then serve you as your content pieces “titles”!

You can brainstorm these topics on your own, or you can do advanced market research – more about this in my other content pieces! Soon.

(Also know, usually, these topics are already part of your course/signature program that you should have created! – if you need help with creating a very structured course/signature program or identifying your value, head to and learn how can I help you with that)


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5 steps to start an online business and live a lifestyle by your own design!

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A formula for creating attractive content pieces that share your value and solutions!

Now, after you know some “attraction” fundamentals, and you have identified the value that people need, you will need to start creating content pieces through which you share that value.

Know, that your content pieces serve you as a “container” that allows your potential clients to engage with.

You are basically providing them with a “playing field” which is an opportunity for their problems to go away, and they can achieve the major outcome they desire!

So, with creating your content pieces you will need to be consistent!

Each week you should write a few content pieces that allow other people to consume your value.

The goal of each content piece is that it drives 1 topic/solution home. Your copywriting will need to be clear, explain things in-depth, and be very structured – each sentence/paragraph needs to add on top of each other.

Creating each of the content pieces (short, long text, or even if it is a video recording) you will follow the same 1 general copywriting framework/structure:

  1. Introduction – Open up with a strong message that shares 1 benefit/problem(1 topic)
  2. Elaboration – Address the introduction statement topic and the main insight of what causes it
  3. Explanation Teach and solve the problem – or how to achieve the benefit, drive the topic home
  4. Call to action – Tell people what to do next

Attach CTA’s at the end of your content pieces so people actually can reach out!

At the end of each content piece, you will need to provide people with an opportunity to take the next step toward working with you more in-depth.

There exist a few different CTA types (direct offer, lead generation, engagement), but here I will just share 1 basic direct offer content type, that you can learn and start attaching at the end of your content pieces.

You will simply say:

I also cover, all that I shared above, in my 8-week 1-on-1 program designed to [achieve the major outcome] through [this specific method].

Send me a DM if you are interested in working together and I will provide you with more details, ask you a few questions, and see if we are the right fit to do this.

Saying this through your copywriting/or even in the video format will allow your content pieces to drive people to reach out to you.

It happens to me all the time that people message me/or reply to my E-mail: “I saw your content piece, I would like to know more about your program”!

The content you create will drive engagement with the right people, and conversations! Sales conversations!


I am looking forward to creating another article/video where I teach how to book calls with these potential clients with who you fall into a valuable DM/E-mail/Text conversation, and on that call, effortlessly enroll them as a higher paying clients into your program.

You see, identifying the value, speaking to other people about the value in a form of content pieces, and attaching a CTA at the end of those, will drive sales conversations!

And if you do all these steps correctly, you will be nurturing your audience and attracting potential clients toward you!

I teach this process in a very simple format in my Premium Life Launchpad Program. It’s a 1-month intensive where we create your higher-valued signature course/program, learn the content attraction rotation formula, copywriting and lead generation, and master client sales enrolments.

If you would like to learn more about it and how can you work with me, visit, watch my offer video/text presentation and message me so we can discuss the collaboration!

If you got any questions about content attraction marketing fundamentals that I shared with you, please comment below and I would love to have a conversation 🙂



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