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How to achieve more, working less

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This is not another “Start an online coaching business step by step process of what do you need to do”, this is the idea of “How to actually break through and get the results”.

If you haven’t been able to sell-out your expertise ever before, you got to read what I have to say.

When I started as an online coach, I learned that someone should go through these three phases to achieve a predictable online business income:

– Phase 1: Establish the foundation (Mindset, Niche-Offer), learn the processes to get the clients (Online Marketing-Sales)
– Phase 2 (Start executing on marketing-sales activities): Expanding the network of potential clients (requesting friends/followers/connections), and striking conversations with them, booking in sales calls to get the first clients
– Phase 3: Nurturing the audience (the one you are growing) with content and positioning yourself as an expert, so you warm-up the potential clients and they start reaching out to you!

Going through Phase 1 is all simple and fair – setting it all up and learning the processes.

But if you don’t add as friends a sufficient amount of potential clients and talk to them via DM’s, and book calls (Phase 2), you will never get your first quick clients and make a quick income that would enable you to stay consistent with producing the content (Phase 3) for longer period of time, until your audience starts reaching out to you, begging you for help, and free you up financially!

And going through Phase 2 would never get me enough results to get ahead! And it would burn me out!

And I saw that most of the other entrepreneurs drown in the same opportunity as well when trying to achieve a sustainable flow of online business income.

Those who are willing to do the work get burnt out, and the other group of them don’t succeed and break through because they are actually too lazy and not committed enough anyway.

Okay, I understand that if you would just start small and be patient for 6-12 months to get your first clients and slowly build a full-time income in 2-3 years time, it would work out. But what if you don’t want to wait that long?! And you want the results and money right now?! What to do then?

So, I wanted to solve this problem once for all, so those who are progressive and eager to achieve their goals actually could win predictably. I asked myself, how could almost anyone succeed?

And I came up with the solution.


5 steps to start an online business and live a lifestyle by your own design!


5 steps to start an online business and live a lifestyle by your own design!

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First of all, I knew that I need to improve the processes (that actually do work for many, but again, they require time), and make them so simple, systematic, and effective, that if someone would do some daily work (for example 6-10 hours per day), would actually get the results so much easier!

You need to know that if you follow the wrong processes that don’t work, you can actually work 20-30 hours per day and still not move anywhere.

So, I did that. I made sure that someone can actually set up a very strong online business foundation and get clear on the right processes (Phase 1), and if they would do enough work (10-12 hours), they would get the results.

But one person can only do a certain amount of work daily before they get burnt out (there is now way you can keep doing 10-12 hour shifts for longer period of time very effectively). So, I needed to continue solving the problem.

I recognized that most of the work done in those 10-hours in regards to “getting in contact with potential clients, initiating conversations, booking the calls” through Phase 2 is anyway a mundane, repeatable, and methodical activity. So, I thought, why not outsourcing 40% of the work (adding new qualified potential clients as friends) to a “robot” (an automated software that sits on top of the browser, interacts with your FB, LI, IG, and simulates human behavior), and the other 40% of work (initiating conversations and doing them) to a virtual assistant that would follow the “improved DM/Messenger conversation process of Phase 1”. A robot and a VA would with that do 8-hours of daily work instead of you.

And you would only do 20% – 2-hours of the most important work, which is doing the parts of the DM/conversations that actually require your personal attention, and booking in the sales calls.

With that would 80% of the time required for doing the Phase 2 be put off your shoulders, and you will be able to use this extra time for focusing on creating amazing content pieces daily, so your organic attraction marketing would kick in around 2-3 months, and people would actually be able to start reaching out to you (Phase 3).

I’ve been using this process for myself for the last month (using a robot + VA), and I was able to book in 70% more sales calls than in the previous months and with that get 70% more income.

With this message, I wanted to share with you an idea that often we need to learn how to work smart, instead of hard! We need to be able to delegate and with that provide ourselves with an opportunity to achieve our goals faster.

Let me know your questions and what do you think about the idea that I expanded on above 🙂



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