How I learned the success principles

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How I learned the success principles

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The upper pic was taken 2.5 years ago when I still lived in Australia.🦘

It reminds me of one thing: The discovery of universal success principles 🔑 that I learned living there!

I went through 3-chapters of personal and professional development:

Chapter 1 – Working as a professional wedding photographer and filmmaker 📷

The Golden touch productions that I started working for was so busy and so booked that I couldn’t believe it. We had 3-4 weddings per day (Fri-Sun). It’s where I learned how to speak English more fluently, how to work in fast-paced and intense environments and collaborate with teammates. As a photographer, I learned leadership skills. The biggest impact on me had the owner Remon Korkise and his father Sam who taught me the practice of delivering great service to the customers and always be up-beat and proactive.

Chapter 2 – Living with my Slovenian friend Saso Cerar 🎖️

I transitioned from being a full-time photographer to a part-time photographer, and that’s when I moved closer to Sydney downtown and moved in with my friend Saso. He’s one generation older than me and he went through quite a few life experiences himself as well. He served military and that’s where he learned some profound life skills and discipline. He taught me how to “make the bed”, cook some basic recipes, iron shirts, wear nice clothes, be always highly present in every moment, and much more. Basically, this life lesson taught me how to be personally sufficient.

Chapter 3 – Business growth experience 💼

After 1 year and a half, I moved on and lived again on my own. I started studying digital marketing, entrepreneurship, sales, business development. I had two mentors that I met in my Business college that I visited very often, Stuart O’Dea and Nelson Santiago.

They both gave me great insights into developing a great business mindset. I also started working with a business coach Andres Garzon and his team, and that is where I was for the first time exposed to more professional business coaching – which I fell in love with and decided to pursue it myself as well.

The journey changed my life completely and I discovered my “better” self! 🏆 I am grateful for the experience as it gave me a great foundation to build my new life on.



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