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How did I become a full-time online coach/course creator

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I thought of giving you a quick background on my journey of how I became an online coach and how I recognized this opportunity and all that it promises.

7-years ago, I didn’t exactly know what my purpose was, or what my “dream” job would be.

I wasn’t really familiar with any real entrepreneurial and online digital marketing world opportunities.

All I had was some photography and filmmaking skills and I knew that I would want to build my own business around those.

I completely failed starting my own photography business, I didn’t have any marketing or sales skills to get more clients controlably.

Instead I got hired in a wedding photography company and started working there full time. That’s where I learned all the entrepreneurial fundamentals, client work, delivering great service and some universal success life principles.

But I felt location dependent having a local job, so I started learning about digital marketing.

Somehow I got my first few clients to build websites for, create social media content and also run FB ads for them.

I generated some leads for them and saw they are not really savvy to convert them into sales. I studied sales and coached them on it.

Thereafter I also recognized that they actually are not really good with running their businesses – client management, marketing, sales, vision, etc., so I gave them some advice. I saw their gaps.

I somehow became an overall “business consultant” to them.

I was still location dependent doing those services and then the magic happened!

I came across the online coaching industry and I saw many giving advice to others across the internet internationally, and all that they do is teach, coach, serve and in exchange they are paid for it.

I loved the idea and the business model. I would not need to do any services to others, I would just coach and guide.

So, I needed to figure out what I would offer to people online.

I also needed to figure out all the online coaching business growth fundamentals – building social presence and online personal brand, coaching package creation, content marketing, sales conversion, etc…

I studied the processes for some time and I started coaching others who were just entering the online coaching industry!

I was teaching something that I just learned, and that was my first online coaching offer.

I worked with a few clients through a few random sessions at first but I quickly recognized the patterns and that I need some structure.

I created my program outline, curriculum, worksheets and thats how my first higher valued program was created.


5 steps to start an online business and live a lifestyle by your own design!


5 steps to start an online business and live a lifestyle by your own design!

I promise that I will keep your e-mail safe and will deliver to you only best quality value and inspirations.

I charged $300 at first, then $500, $1k here and there, and in the last 3 years I climbed the ladder to be able to charge $2,5k-$4k for my packages.

I never knew that something like this was possible. That I could work from home, work only with 2-4 clients per month and earn a full time online coaching income.

The opportunity provided me with a lifestyle choice, time freedom and a purpose.

So, after working with clients 1 to 1, I saw myself repeating the same knowledge to them over and over again,… I was wasting time “talking too much”!

I came up with an idea to record my modules and give people to watch the videos before they attend my 1-1 calls. With that I saved 50% of my coaching time.

I kept enrolling 1 client after another into my course, program. And then, someday I learned about group course launches…

The idea was that I could instead of enrolling 1 client at a time across all the year, squueze the time frame and speak to many in one shot.

If I would put a lot of people into a Facebook group and on an email list, run a free group workshop, challenge, and deliver to them a mini breakthrough result, and then at the end offer to the group to enroll into my program, I could enroll a group of clients into it in one shot!

I was fascinated about the idea and I studied it. I am still in the process of perfecting this approach, but it gives me an opportunity for bigger business cash injections every 2-months for example.

With all that said, as you can see, there are quite a few things to know and learn if you are becoming an online entrepreneur…

The opportunity requires a lot of discipline, commitment, passion and determination!

But the reward is awesome! It’s a new type of a lifestyle that requires you to be of value to others, serve, serve, serve people through your social media content and engagement, and attract them to enroll and work with you more in depth!

Now, 3-years later, after entering the online coaching industry I am proud to say that I do it full time and that this is the only thing that I do.

I currently run my online coaching practice from my home village house in the countryside. I have got a great internet, an awesome renovated mini house, plenty of time for studies, working with clients and personal growth 🙂

The future is bright and most importantly – there exists a vision, a plan, and purpose behind it all 🙂

Now, if you are an online coach or you are becoming one, would you like to tell me what excites you the most about being an online coach, and what’s the opportunity that you see in it 🙂 👇 Would love to hear from you.



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