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Have a vehicle that can fulfil your dreams

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Read this if you have ever desired to finally start and grow your own online business…

Most of entrepreneurs struggle (have struggled) with two things:
Having a clear vision of what you want to achieve – a specific goal and a strategy to come there 😇🍹🏖️
And secondly, having the right vehicle (business model) to take you there! 🏎️🚘🚄🚜

Let’s not focus on the first challenge (setting the goal and having a clear vision) right now as I covered that in one of my previous posts. (08/20/2020).

But I want to elaborate on the second idea of what could be the right vehicle to take you toward your end goals and provide you with the freedom and fulfilment that you desire! 😍

Now, you got these options:

1️⃣ having a job and work for someone else (which is ok to pay the bills and in some scenarios its actually very fulfiling and still provides you with growth opportunities)

2️⃣ Running your own local business (which provides you with more flexibility but also brings responsibility to bring in your own work, and you are still locked down into your local place)

3️⃣ Basic online business opportunities (E-commerce, distribution of other products, affiliate or network marketing opportunity, influencer marketing – they can all be very lucrative if you scale on them correctly)

4️⃣ And lastly, coaching, consulting, service providing (solving people’s problems and charging high-ticket price for your solutions and not being paid per hour anymore)

I have tried all of the above options and I wasn’t satisfied at all working for someone else, I didn’t like running my local business as I didn’t want to be location dependent, I couldn’t launch any other online business opportunities as I never liked any other products that I could promote, so I was left with the last option of being an online coach which provided me with everything that I personally wanted:

🍭 Having my own product that I can charge my own high-end price
😇 Personal fulfilment, passionate about working with people and solving problems
🏝️ Location independecy, I can work via phone, laptop, internet connection
🕰️I can work on my own schedule every day
🛸I can have a virtual team doing the tasks that I dont want so the business can scale and grow
🚀 And the sky is the limit, I can think big as much as I can and strategize my way to come there

So, the business model that I chose was coaching, consulting, service providing which works this way:

As long as you can solve 1 problem (health, wealth, mental, relationships, teaching, etc…) to other people…

and you can do it effectively, and bring the results to your clients, …

You can be an ”online coach”! 😊🍸


3 steps to get your first high paying clients and live a lifestyle by your own design!


3 steps to get your first high paying clients and live a lifestyle by your own design!

I promise that I will keep your e-mail safe and will deliver to you only best quality value and inspirations.

And yeah, you don’t need a certificate, degree or approval from someone else that you know how to solve problems, nah…

Business is all about solving problems and if you position yourself right you can do it!

Here is what you will need to become an online coach:

  • Know which problem do you solve
  • Clear Niche-Offer (who do you solve the problem to and what is your process to solve it for them)
  • Marketing message to position yourself infront of people
  • A way to reach your potential clients online and strike conversations with them
  • A simple sales process to qualify if the new leads are the right ones to work with you
  • And a few more backend operations to deliver your promises

Right, it’s simple as that, it’s a few step process to begin, but if one of these steps is not on point, you could come across a few obstacles…

But if you work with a coach like me, who’s got the answers already, your launch wouldn’t be a problem. 👀😉 I see everything!

Who would the idea of being an online coach be for?

  • You desire for more
  • You got a special gift to help others with (even if you don’t know it yet, with me asking you a few questions we will find it! Everyone actually has got a few unique gifts and skills)
  • You want to work on your own time from your own comfort
  • You want to shape your own destiny and control your own income
  • You want to earn from $3k-$10k a month from getgo
  • You want to sorround yourself with other like minded entrepreneurs/coaches online who all share common interests and passion
  • You want to live your life freely and empowering

Here is what’s possible… A few of my fresh new clients got their first $1500 sales in the first 10-14 days (Zurlia and Anthony).

Another example is Pablo who was able to come to $11k per month in 6-months working with me.

I don’t want to be bragging here, I just want to express that it’s possible.

So, if you are looking for a fresh new start of something stable and predictable in your life and would like to start escaping your mundane reality that you are not that passionate about, I am here to guide you through the process and provide you with the accountability and support all the way!

Primoz, online coach and business strategist 🥂



if you are anything like me, ambitious and driven for more, …

and would like to start and grow your own online business to achieve personal freedom,

then fill in the application form to see if you qualify for a free consultation call with me to direct you on the right track to starting a profitable online business…

I don’t work with just anyone, so make sure to answer all the questions into detail, and then book in a call so we can speak ASAP to provide you with the strategy.

WARNING: This is only for people serious about setting up their business for long term success and are willing to invest in growing their business.

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