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Daily 2-hour marketing execution routine

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I created a 5-step blueprint to growing a sustainable online business. If you are an online service provider or a coach and are struggling with getting a predictable flow of clients, here is the process that you should follow to start getting 1 high paying client a week.


STEP 1 – Online business foundation

Before I share with you the marketing and sales processes to grow your online business predictably, I want to make sure that you understand these two basic things:

To be able to spot your ideal clients online:

  • You need to exactly know who they are
  • What is their major problem that they have and you solve it
  • What is the result they want to achieve
  • What is stopping them to achieve that result

Secondly, you need to package “The How” – the solution on their major problem, into a high-ticket offer for which you can charge $3k-$10k

  • For that you will need to be really good at what you do
  • This will give you an opportunity to work only with a handful of high-quality clients who are committed to getting the results
  • And you will only need 1 client per week (4 a month) to make 6-figures a year


STEP 2 – 2-hour marketing execution routine

Most of online entrepreneurs don’t get results, because they don’t stay consistent enough with their marketing activities to attract potential clients!

Now when you are very clear on who do you help and how, you will need to get in front of those ideal clients and present them your solution, your offer.

I broke down the marketing and sales process into three phases that can be completed via a simple 2-hour marketing execution routine that you should be repeating every day to drive predictable results.

  1. Networking and expanding
  2. Organic content creation
  3. DM/Messenger conversations and sales calls

With doing this 2-3-hour daily routine you will be able to book in 3-5 sales calls per week (or more) and you can convert 1 of them into a high paying client.

This are the tasks that you should be doing daily:

  • 15-min: Engaging on your social media feed
  • 30-min: Create a daily piece of content and publish it on social media
  • 30-min: Send out 10-15 friend requests
  • 15-min: Start conversations with accepted friend requests
  • 30-min: Continue conversations with all who replied


  • 30-min: Follow-up qualified leads
  • 30-min: Additional engagement, liking, commenting

These activities are combination of tasks related to the 3-phases of online marketing that I am going to describe next.

Your long-term results come down to the discipline and consistency. I urge you to repeat this daily routine for 30-days in the row and with that you will create massive impact on your business and results for yourself.

Let’s dive into details of each of the 3-phases.


STEP 3 – Networking and expanding

The first thing that you will need to be doing regularly is expanding your network of potential clients. The good thing is, that we can do this manually, until we become more attractive and popular and people start following us themselves.

With expanding your network daily, you will be giving yourself more opportunities for your content to be seen by more potential clients, and that you will be able to talk to more of them.

Where do your potential clients congregate?

Your potential clients already exist. So, where do they congregate?

  • They usually hang out in the same Facebook groups,
  • they follow the same gurus, authorities and people with solutions,
  • they use the same #hashtags,
  • they visit the same portals, forums
  • the comment under the same YouTube videos.

You could connect with potential clients through any of the options described above, but I will mostly focus on how to get in contact with potential clients quickly via Facebook/LinkedIn and Instagram.


Join 5 quality groups – the leaders/admins of these groups are daily filtering in only the most quality people who they can help the most.

Start adding friends:

  • People who are engaging and participating in the group
  • Or find members list: New members list or Scroll the list and overview people’s profiles and add those who look like your ideal clients as friends


Create a list of 10 competitors’ profiles – they already have the audience of potential clients that will be the right fit to work with you as well

Check their audience:

  • People who are engaging with their posts – commenting and liking
  • Or direct list of Followers

Connecting with potential clients

After you spot the profiles of your potential clients, you will do the following:

  • Deeply analyse their profiles, to see if they really look like your ideal client
  • Comment on a few of their posts
  • Like a few of their posts

You want to do this so they can see you in their notifications and they see that you are authentic and a real person.

  • Then add them as friends – Facebook, follow them – Instagram
  • If they accept your friend request or follow you back, you will be able to initiate text conversation with them and start a sales process

Only send them the introductory message if they accept your friend request or follow you back, otherwise your message will go to spam.

With that you will initiate the 1-on-1 conversation with the prospect and if they are in the right position/situation, you could potentially continue the sales process with them via DM/Messenger conversation.

But only a small percentage of the prospects want to solve their problem right now and are ready to buy immediately. So, beside of trying to having DM conversations with them, we will need to keep nurturing them with our content.

Mastering “connecting with people via cold message out reach” is important as it comes very handy with converting warm people into sales when they start reaching out to you.

But before we cover how to do DM conversations, let’s understand why content attraction marketing is important and how it works.


5 steps to start an online business and live a lifestyle by your own design!


5 steps to start an online business and live a lifestyle by your own design!

I promise that I will keep your e-mail safe and will deliver to you only best quality value and inspirations.

STEP 4 – Content attraction marketing

The audience that you are growing will be exposed to your marketing content that will invite them to reach out to you to get more help.

There are a few important things when it comes to content marketing:

  • Consistency is key (you have to be consistent daily)
  • Being generous and give a lot of value away – Share in depth processes of how you help people solve their problems
  • Be clear with your marketing message
  • Come up with the content plan and topics ahead of time
  • Follow a weekly content schedule


Talk about these topics:


  • Engagement posts
  • Q/A


  • Customer journey
  • Customer challenges
  • Pain points


  • Life story
  • Client testimonials
  • Possible results


  • Write out your offer publicly and ask people to reach out to you.

This is a lot to cover, but if I need to leave you with a golden nugget here, I would give you this suggestion to come up as many educational topics as possible:

“Break down your customer transformational journey (from A to B) into milestones, and create an Educational content piece for each of the milestones”

Follow this process when creating your posts:

  • Hook – Explain the problem
  • The plot – Share the solution
  • Conclusion – CTA (ask them to PM you for more help)

If you can keep consistently publishing in depth marketing material, your audience will get really clear on what you have to offer.

And as you can see, your call to action should often be that people private message you for more questions. This is how you will drive more warm conversations to your DM inbox and you will be able to book calls from them.


STEP 5 – Having DM/Messenger conversations and doing sales calls

DM conversations

You will get the prospects into DM conversations in two ways.

  • To some of them you will reach out on your own
  • The other ones will reach out to you as they will want your Freebies or More information about your services (the content asked them to do that)

After the conversation was initiated you will need to follow this process of the DM/Messenger conversations:

  • GREETING AND COMPLIMENT: Hi, how are you? I loved your post about _____. And I totally agree that ____.
  • CONNECTING MORE: Continue building natural rapport around the topic.
  • PRE-QUALIFYING: What is that you would like to achieve in regards of [NICHE]?
  • UNCOVERING THE PAIN: What is your biggest challenge stopping you to get there?
  • SHOW EXPERTISE: I was at the same place as you are, but I worked hard to overcome this situation. Would you like to hear how I did it and what works for me?
  • INVITE FOR A CALL: I would love to share the ideas with you here, but I think that it would be easier to deeply uncover what’s holding you back via Zoom call. Would you be free this week?

With following this process, you get people on the sales calls.


Sales calls

I can’t get really specifically into sales calls right now, but I would still like to share with you the basic framework that you should follow to be more structured with your calls so you can have more predictable outcomes for them:

State the agenda

Qualification questions

  • Current situation
  • Desired situation
  • Why and commitment
  • Financial pre-qualification

Presenting the solution/offer

  • Explain the process
  • What do you like the most?
  • Expand on the benefits
  • Financial decision making

Share price

Negotiation and Close


The sales calls conclude the explanation of the ultimate Marketing and Sales process that I wanted to share with you. It all begins with understanding your Niche-Offer, knowing the daily marketing activities that you should be doing daily to keep expanding the network, nurturing your audience with the marketing content, and initiating DM conversations so you can book in the sales calls and close sales.


What to do next?

It was my pleasure to share with you my online business growth processes in depth. If you liked what you read, but think that would need help with implementing this plan, I would like to invite you to Private Message me on Messenger (https://www.messenger.com/t/primoz.lazar.52) or Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/primozlazar) so I can deeply uncover what is holding you back and provide you with options of how can I hold you accountable, support you and coach you on your journey toward building a sustainable and predictable online business.


Primoz Lazar,

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