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Book sales calls via Messenger conversations

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With this post, I am going to break down for you how to have ethical Messenger conversations with prospects for your online (coaching, servicing) business, so you can qualify them as your potential clients and potentially onboard them…

This message relates to both: Inbound and outbound messenger conversations (people who reach out to you because of your Attraction marketing, and people who you Reached out to).

The biggest problem people have with prospecting via Messenger conversations is that they don’t have structure!

No structure, no orientation, no end goal! It all leads to confusion for you and your prospect!

They don’t have a framework to rely on! And so, they can’t even improve it and make it better.

Your framework needs to deliver predictable end results (needs to qualify or disqualify the prospect)! And you can do that only through a set of step by step questions!

Through these questions you have to:
– Build rapport with the prospect (they need to exactly know why they are talking to you)
– Show yourself as an expert on the topic
– Qualify the person of they are the right candidate to work with you
– Provide end value! (With your End Paying Offer)

Yes, with you qualifying someone as a buyer, you are of a service to them! You are helping them a lot, you are solving their major problem!!! Get that!

Don’t think you will ever sound spammy or unethical talking to someone if you can be professional and know that you are of huge service to them!

If you Messenger conversations click for you, you will be able to:
– Have better sales closing ratio (either in Messenger itself, or phone call)
– More predictable clients! (You will be confident with chatting with people, either reaching out or accepting inbound messages)
– More qualified clients!

I prepared a SNAPSHOT of how the Full conversation should go! (so you have rapport, you are positioned as an expert, and you can close end sale)!

You can see the overview of the Messenger Framework structure below, …

Ask questions in the comments or in my DM so I can help you to adjust your Messenger questions and framework.



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