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09 Jan
A framework of how to write your content copy with structure!
How to write a content piece with structure
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I’d like to provide you with a framework of how can you write content pieces with structure.
15 Jan
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16 Sep
Have a vehicle that can fulfil your dreams
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Choose the right vehicile/business model to start your own online business. I explain why I choose online coaching and consulting as my business model.
06 Dec
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Serena Dodd – Online business coach
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Super excited to release this interview with Serena Dodd, who is an online business coach that drives coaches to the next level using positive psychology, mindset mapping & her ...
26 Apr
The math to earning a full-time online coaching income
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In this content piece, I will break down the numbers that are necessary for you to hit weekly, so you can earn a full-time online income!
23 Apr
How did I become a full-time online coach/course creator
Category: Primoz's life path
I thought of giving you a quick background on my journey of how I became an online coach and how I recognized this opportunity and all that it promises.