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10 Oct
My weekly work has been accomplished well!
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At the beginning of the week I set a quick weekly plan in place of what should be done this week. Each day I worked late night very passionate on doing all the tasks for my clie...
31 Jan
Short film Live Premium Life
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Premium Life is finally becoming a reality and allows like minded people to cooperate and support each other in regards to achieving their personal and professional goals – It i...
28 Feb
What it is to be living a Premium Life?
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15 Jun
Productivity is always the result of a commitment to excellence
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The more things that you have tried doing in your life, the more chances you have to find that one thing that you are good at.
05 Jun
Business Program Curriculum is finalised
Category: Primoz's life path
I’m building the state of my happiness for a long period of time already! Not many know that I’ve been above excited kid, always consciously-unconsciously enthusiast...
27 Oct
VIDEO: Vlog 2 – The founding of Premium Life
Category: Primoz's life path, Videos
The past 6-8 months has been a life-changing journey as I have been hardly working on the development of a complete system of Premium Life.
15 Jun
If you want others to be happy, practice compassion
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You can reach people's hearts through an example of being compassionate and striving to serve and help them to achieve what they want.
30 Dec
VIDEO: Vlog 3 – Pre Launching Of Premium Life
Category: Primoz's life path, Videos
This third video blog that I have edited tells the story of how the journey toward networking with other people started.
01 Feb
VIDEO: Vlog 4 – Ready to launch Premium Life
Category: Primoz's life path, Videos
I have prepared everything that's necessary to launch huge network marketing company. I have the mindset, business model and complete framework to build on. It's just a question...