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My name is Primoz Lazar and I am a successful lifestyle entrepreneur and owner of the online network marketing business – Premium Life. Besides of my worldwide entrepreneurial commitments, I am professional photographer-filmmaker and I love sport, nature and wonderful people.

During the pursuit of my life purpose, I fell in love with life’s universal success principles and gained the knowledge and experience needed to create a success program that serves as a stairway to success to many motivated people.

With the idea to provide them with the practical tool, I merged the program with both an online business as well as proven network marketing models and established the interactive Premium Life Social Network.

During the pursuit of my life purpose, I fell in love with life's universal success principles.

I have used all my knowledge and experiences that I have been collecting to found a Premium Life Community and Organisation. The platform represents a robust framework for members to support each other while achieving personal freedom. My vision for the Premium Life community is to have exponential growth in memberships, with strong positive impacts on individuals who have in common one major attribute – a desire to build their dream lifestyle.

What do I do?

Personal Growth

I am completely focused on personally growing, experiencing success that provides me with joy, happiness and freedom.

Online Business

I am participating online as I always had a goal to being location independent and have an ability to control my own destiny.

Network Marketing

I am a businessman and network marketer. I am a leader of my own Premium Life organisation and motivating force for many!

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