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My name is Primoz Lazar, in case we don’t know each other yet, I would like to share with you that biggest interest is entrepreneurship. In addition to that, I am very excited about sports, nature and music (I often record my own soundtracks – listen to them here). I am also photo and video-grapher.

My life story is a little unusual. I had above average childhood and then dropped out of school and went off the track. I decided to leave my home and leave to unknown land Australia. I lived there for 4-years and learned about entrepreneurship. I developed a few business models which I still run today.

If you would like to learn more about my story, you can do it HERE – I wrote a book How I built my life.

My life transformational experience!

Above average childhood

I’ve always been great student, very social – outgoing, all that went well until I came to highschool where I lost it all. I started looking for escape.

Had the downfall of my life

I left the school just before the final exams, I started learning the entrepreneurship and failed! I was down and without vision until I made an ultimate decision – to build my life again!

Made an ultimate decision

I got it all back together already in my home country Slovenia but I couldn’t fulfil my potential. At 21 years old I decided to leave my home and travel to Australia.

5-year life transformational experience

During the period of living overseas I found my purpose, built my life and shaped my destiny once for all! I returned back home stronger then ever with a goal to succeed on my business journey and participate on international market.

I documented my journey

All the time of when I was growing through hard life experiences I was documenting my journey. You can read about it in my book How I built my life. It also comes with audio narration where I personally read it and comment it!

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Nowadays I am mostly focusing on operations of my biggest business models with which I am reaching out for my dreams. Daily time investment that I make in my work inspires and fulfils me. It’s going to take me toward achieving of my goals!

The first project is called Premium Life community. It connects like-minded entrepreneurs who want to get more out of their lives. We meet on weekly basis through online conferences, we support and help each other and form collaborations. Learn more about the project HERE.

The second company that I mostly focus on is Business Success Leap Agency. We work with businesses and help them to increase their brand awareness and sales through digital marketing and lead generation services. Learn more HERE.

All this ‘robotic’ work connects my love for creativity and sharing of my story with others. Most of my life I was alone, even if others couldn’t really notice it (I can be very extrovert). I culdn’t find myself in the average world of life. Nobody could help me until I became mature enough to build strong personal and business foundation on my own.

During my personal transformation and collaboration with co-workers and my clients I developed a 10-step formula to achieving personal fulfilment. I want to share wit with you today. Download this document and tape it on your wall. Let it serve you as a reminder and inspiration to achieving your own goals. I invested 4-5 years of learnings and experience into it. I hope it will serve you. It helped me.

Get it HERE on a homepage of my primozlazar.com website.

With that I am concluding my personal description. If you downloaded my formula we will also stay connected via my E-mail list thorugh which I will keep updating you about my projects, videos, music, products and many more things to provide you with a great value.

Wish you all the best! Primoz Lazar

During the pursuit of my life purpose, I felt in love with life's universal success principles.

I have used all my knowledge and experiences that I have been collecting to found a Premium Life Community and Organisation. The platform represents a robust framework for members to support each other while achieving personal freedom. My vision for the Premium Life community is to have exponential growth in memberships, with strong positive impacts on individuals who have in common one major attribute – a desire to build their dream lifestyle.

What do I do?

I have always been very creative, productive, organized lifestyle and business-oriented person!