A clear marketing message is the key to online business growth

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A clear marketing message is the key to online business growth

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If you as a life coach don’t have your marketing message right,

if it’s not clear enough,

If it doesn’t share what is THE PROBLEM that you solve, WHO do you solve it to, what are the BENEFITS/RESULTS your bring them, and if it doesn’t tell HOW DO YOU DO IT,

It won’t attract your ideal clients!

It won’t help them, it won’t pre-frame them for your offer, it won’t resonate with them!

It will attract the WRONG people who are NOT the right match to work with you…

To get your message right, you will need to do these things:

– Exactly identify one major problem that you solve (and a set of smaller problems that fit into the major problem’s category)
– Exactly identify who has got the problem that you solve, what is their current situation, challenges, frustrations! What do they want to achieve, how do they want to feel, who do they want to become
– Exactly identify what are the long term results they will get, the benefits, the outcomes!
– Exactly identify the process of how do you take your clients from their current “frustrated” situation to their end “dream” desired situation, you will need to create milestones, the process of how do you get them there
– You will need to form an Offer that allows them to go through that process with you from A to B

So, if you get your message right:

– you will be able to charge a high-ticket price for your OFFER – as you are solving BIG problem and you know all the solutions to it and you are an expert on the topic!
– your marketing will be easier – you will know what to talk about and help people with (you will be able to break down the transformational process into content topics and talk about each individual piece of it very much in-depth
– your sales will be easier as your prospects will be pre-qualified
– your transformation delivery to your clients will be amazing, as your clients will exactly fit your ideal client description and the problem that you solve

Getting clear with your message is the first step to running a very successful life coaching business (or any other business)!

But this is where everyone fails, everyone is too vague and general.

I understand, it’s not easy to get out of your head and get clear with it!

No one can’t spend enough time figuring it out as the process becomes frustrating. No one goes into describing their ideal client in detail (who they are, where they are, what they want to achieve, how they should come there)!

No one does it multiple times! This process requires re-iteration! Improvement! You got to get clearer and clearer on your message so it can make an impact!

So, if you can get with your marketing message right, you can get right with your business!



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