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Being an online coach should be an exciting adventure!

However, often running a business becomes overwhelming and discouraging.

You just want to help people with their personal transformation (mindset, health, relationships) and not to be an “expert businessman”.

But one thing is true: Clients are the lifeblood of your coaching practice!

And, if you don’t have them, you’d appear frustrated and also desperate.

Let me cheer you up! Clients already exist, and they are already seeking help and answers.

They are on social media platforms (FB, LI, IG). If you can make them become your friends, followers, or connections, they will be exposed to your message!

They will see your ‘marketing’ content, you’ll be able to chat with them privately, pre-qualify them for your offer, book a call to close the sale, collect your fee, and enroll them.

Sounds easy? It’s not.

Especially if you are just starting and have not yet practiced this marketing process enough.

I had gone through the same “struggle” two years ago when I transitioned from doing local business coaching to online coaching. I didn’t know how to get clients to work with online.

And because I was very interested in digital marketing and online coaching, I studied it day in and out.

I learned a set of skills and the process to follow and execute on daily basis through a repeatable 2-3 hour marketing execution routine.

This workday routine allows me to chat with 3-5 potential clients every day in Messenger.

And if you would like to, I can also share the process of how I do it, with you as well.

The easiest way to get it is to send me a PM on Messenger so I can send it to you.

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