5 steps to manifesting your desires

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5 steps to manifesting your desires

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I want to share with you the key idea of how to get, be or have anything you want in life!

First of all, let’s be clear – our universe is supernatural! There are some rules, principles, guides by which it all operates!

Now, you have two options, you either comply and take advantage of them or you ignore it all and just live life randomly and get random outcomes.

I am all about having control over my life and living it by my own design. If you are as well, read on! 🙂

So, it has all to do with you being in the right “energy field”! ⚡️ Two sides to it: positive and negative!

☀️ If you can achieve a mental and emotional state of mind that is positive, enthusiastic, optimistic, filled with belief and passion, and if you are also constructive and ethical – you will attract more prosperity that resonates with your positive energy field! And you will live in the abundance of it all.

💨 There is also a negative side of the emotional scale, which includes boredom, anger, fear, pessimism, doubt, stress, anxiousness, depression. 😖 And if you vibrate and carry those emotions, you will attract more outcomes, circumstances that will support that negative energy field.

But we are given freedom to choose our thoughts, (re)actions, and so we have got complete control over our lives.

And the more you figure out your life/business and control yourself to live in the positive vibration – and learn to steer clear of the negative ones, the more prosperity and abundance you will attract and live in! 🏄

And so, here is how you begin building up on this idea:

1) Gain a belief and life experience that the universe corresponds to your vibrational energy field (positive or negative) and it matches it with the events/manifestations that complement and amplify it

2) Choose a goal (purpose, design your lifestyle) – set the intention of what you want to achieve 🎯 build a positive expectation (emotion) around it, and act as if you have already got it (don’t act desperate, but let it go, it’s all here) 🤗

3) Eliminate all counter-intentions that would contradict your main desire/emotion (negative thoughts or feelings, other toxic people, events, things in your environment)

4) Put in some passionate work to amplify the emotion of your stated intention and so you can speed up the manifestation process – Develop a discipline/routine that allows you to form habits and so you can stay in the positive energy field for longer

5) Whenever you find yourself in the negative space (doubt, frustration) toward it, stop doing any work 🛑 you got to figure out how to get back into the empowering state (fitness, chat with positive people, reading, etc.)

So, if you set a goal for yourself (any goal in any aspect of your life), for example, to lose weight, grow an online business, have great relationships, …

… and then your only job is to stay in a positive energy field toward that goal (belief, contentment, passion, enthusiasm) and keep amplifying it … 🌟

… your life is going to transform – from inwards (thought, emotion), outwards (physical events, outcomes, results, evidence).

And from there it’s a never ending journey, an upward spiral that leads toward unlimited happiness and fulfillment 🙂

What are some positive actions that you take daily to stay in the right positive emotional space?👇


5 steps to start an online business and live a lifestyle by your own design!


5 steps to start an online business and live a lifestyle by your own design!

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