4-steps to get people raise their hands for your solutions

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4-steps to get people raise their hands for your solutions

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Executing through this method will allow you expand your network of potential clients, nurture them with the content you produce, ask them to take action and raise their hands for your value, and enrol those who want results fast and can afford your solutions, as clients. You won’t need to chase people anymore, but they will express interest to work with you no their own.


Step 1 – Expand:

  • For this method to successfully work, you will need to have numerous of “potential clients” in your network
  • You can achieve that manually by requesting new friends, followers, connections.
  • Simply find a Facebook group of any of your authority competitors, check the group’s members, visit their profiles, like and comment on their posts and add them as friends. They will accept your requests. On Instagram find your authority competitor, check his/her followers, visit their profiles, like and comment on their profile and follow them. Some of them will follow you back.
  • With doing that you will have more friends/followers who can be exposed to the content that you produce.


Step 2 – Nurture:

You will need to be producing new content pieces on daily basis.

You will create these content types:

  • Your personal story to which your potential clients can relate to – Break down your personal story into 8-12 chapters. Each week you will talk about them and share your personal story with your audience.
  • Educational, belief shifting, pure value content:
  1. Break down your customer journey into 8-12 milestones. Each week you will talk about one milestone in your content.
  2. Write out 8-12 limiting beliefs that your ideal client might have. Each week you will shift 1 limiting belief with creating the content piece.

Follow this copywriting process to write clear content pieces:

  • Share the opportunity – Hook the reader
  • Explain the problem they have and what is holding them back
  • Share an insight to a solution for their problem
  • Share the benefits they will achieve if they solve their problem with your solution
  • Call to action – ask them to comment below and share with you their opinion

Understand that clarity and consistency win!


Step 3 – Raise hand:

Each week (or very often) you will create a freebie that solves a minor problem that your ideal client has

You will write 1 content piece telling the audience that you are giving away The freebie with value!

You will write your content piece the same way as you write all of your content pieces:

  • Share the opportunity – Hook the reader: “I want to show you how to experience instant gratification with your online coaching business, right now!”
  • Explain the problem they have and what is holding them back: “You have been working really hard on growth of your business, trying to position your Message and the Offer in a clear way, doing content creation, engaging with the audience, but you were never able to instantly satisfy your sales needs right now. There was something missing…”
  • Share an insight to a solution for their problem: “How to get in contact with 2-3 high paying clients out of your social network right now, today, with simply getting them to lift up their hand for your offer after seeing your content piece that describes them the value.”
  • Share the benefits they will achieve if they solve their problem with your solution: “This will allow you to make your ideal clients raise their hand for the value they need, so you won’t need to chase them in your DM’s yourself.”
  • Call to action – explain them that you can give them the “solution – the freebie” if they comment below and you will send it over to them! “Do you want me to share with you a 4-step process (expand, nurture, raise hand, enrol) to get in contact with them right now? If you comment ‘YES’ below I will get it sent over to you.”

Here is another example on different topic – weight loss:

  • To actually become fit, you will need to be consistent with your daily exercise and nutrition for longer period of time.
  • You have been trying to lose weight for a long time, but you always fail to exercise daily and get distracted with delicious unhealthy foods.
  • I had the same problem happening to me, and I was able to overcome it with a simple “daily routine hack” that changed my physical shape forever.
  • I was able to become more energetic, excited to work out, cook and eat healthy nutrition and I lost desired kilograms, so I can be fit and healthy now.
  • If you would like me to share with you how I hacked my daily routine, comment ‘YES’ below I will get it sent over to you.

You will write it in the same way – but on your own topic! Depending on your Niche.


Step 4 – Enrol:

Reach out to those who comment below (or even like the post) in DM’s.

Send them over the Freebie that you created, and ask them this:

  • Can I ask you a few more in depth questions to see how can you apply the Freebie to your own situation even more effectively?

Begin asking more questions, analyze their situation and when you collect enough info and you think you might be able to help them, invite them to have a call with you:

  • I was able to overcome this problem myself, I would love to analyze your situation more in depth and provide you with the direction, we could organize a quick call if you would be up for it, I am super busy today, but I could make some time for us tomorrow 1pm EST, would that work with you?

Book in a call where you will diagnose their situation more in depth and provide them with your solution (Offer) if applicable. Follow the “sales call” process that I teach, you can get access to it in the units section in my Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/premiumlifecommunity/



Going through this process takes a lot of practice and consistency. You might be unable to execute on it very successfully on your own if you don’t have someone who holds you accountable and is looking over your shoulder when doing your marketing activities.
I would love to be your guide and make sure that you become extremely successful with your work. I run a 3-month 1on1 program through which I help you position yourself as a Premium coach so you can charge high price for your transformation, we work on mastering the online marketing and sales processes so you can enrol premium clients effortlessly.

If you think that this would be for you, we can organize a quick call to get started. Please fill in this application form:


So, I can learn more about your situation before our call, and if we find out that we are the right fit, we can get started straight away!

Best of luck on your business growth journey! Cheers.


Primoz Lazar

Team Premium Life



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