10 steps to becoming an online coach, consultant, teacher and make a full time income doing it.

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10 steps to becoming an online coach, consultant, teacher and make a full time income doing it.

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My intention with this post is to help you get clear on how could you start an online business and become an online coach and be location and financially independent.

Anyone who has a certain skill, solution to a problem or a knowledge should be able to help others and provide them with solutions around that skill and help them make their life easier!

It’s easier to say than do… no one is willing to help other people for free!

But what if I share with you that you could be paid for it?

Nowadays, online coaching, consulting and teaching business model is more accessible to everyone, more than before!

To start an coaching, consulting business, you don’t need any degree – it’s so simple!

If you can solve someone’s problem and they are willing to pay for it, you found a gold mine!

Why should someone become an online coach?

The answer is obvious …

1. Being able to be location independent and work from anywhere

2. Charge for your worth and not for your time!

3. Enormous growth and scaling opportunity, the sky is the limit! (there are a few options to scale your business to the moon)

4. And most importantly, to be able to help others, fulfil your purpose!

You might ask yourself, but I don’t really know where to begin!

None of the businesses can’t be mastered overnight.

So does coaching, consulting business need some time to be established and that you master a few business growth fundamentals.

But if your desire is huge, and the pay of is bigger than the struggle that you need to go through to come there, and if you got the right guidance to make the first steps, you will be good!

Here are the basic steps of how can you begin:

1. Understand your business model

In coaching, consulting, teaching you are paid for solving a specific problem, making people’s life easier, getting them toward their end destination faster or simply make their life more enjoyable.

You should begin working with clients 1-on-1 to get from them a market feedback.

Later when you get experienced working them 1-to-1 you can start offering a group coaching, or you record a video course that delivers transformation instead of you automatically and you just support them on top 1-on-1 with additional coaching sessions.

2. Have a clear business goal

Be precise on what will be your first milestone to achieve.

This goal could be financial and as simple as getting your first client for $1500 (and after you start, you could have a financial goal of $3k per month, or $5k per month)

3. Invest into your own personal and business growth knowledge

Equip yourself with the right mindset and thinking that you will need to develop and carry through your own transformational and growth journey!

You will need to be personally strong to not give up if the results don’t come immediately.

You will also need knowledge that will serve you as a tool to grow your business.

4. Decide on what is the transformation that you deliver to your clients

Know exactly which problem do you solve and to who (what are their pain points, frustrations, struggles).

Know exactly what they would like to achieve, what is their goal (how would they feel when they achieve their goal and get rid of the problem, what is the impact that that would have on their life).

5. Have a structured Irresistible offer

The offer should be a plan of how to get your clients from their current situation (having a problem) to their desired destination (achieving their goal, not having a problem anymore).

The offer should be a high valuable coaching program with a specific outline.

It could be as simple as 2-month program, 8-weekly sessions, each session with a specific topic, $1500.

6. Know how to get in front of people who have a problem that you solve

The most optimal strategy to strike a conversation with potential clients is through digital marketing activities.

People with certain interests congregate in Facebook groups.

If you join to those groups, post value, engage with the members, add each other as friends and then reach out to them via text message.

This way you can strike conversation with new potential clients very easily.

7. Identify new people who you came in contact with if they could become your clients

Have a conversation with them already through a private chat.

Invite them to jump with you on an online video/audio call so you can connect with them even more.

On the first call, find out if they potentially have a problem that you solve and learn more about the vision that they have.

The first initial call serves as a get to know each other call so you can find out if you are the right fit to work together.

If that is the case, you can have with them deeper conversation and offer them your solution.

8. Master sales and present people with your offer

You can either extend the first call into a clarity/strategy call, or you can book in another call if you don’t have enough time to conclude your sales conversation. Throught the complete sales process, your job is to do the following:

– Find out if they have the problem that you solve (their current situation)

– Find out what is that they want to achieve (their end destination)

– You have to acknowledge the pain and the gap

– Provide them with a strategy or clarity of how they could come to their end destination so they can see the vision clearly (with this strategy they still won’t be able to execute on their own, as they don’t have all the specific answers and tools)

– Present them with your Irresistible offer through which you can work with them personally and hold them accountable on the journey toward their end goal

– Ask them to begin working with you and to take action

9. Deliver great service and transformation

After you onboard your clients, your job is to provide them with exceptional service, guidance and accountability so they get the results which they paid for!

Make sure that you over deliver and exceed expectations.

10. Ask for testimonials and referrals!

After successful work together, ask your clients to write for you a review or record a video testimonial that you can use to promote yourself.

Also ask them who else do they know that has got a similar problem (referrals).

This will allow you to gather social proof and make your brand solid and known.

Rinse and repeat just these 3 things:

Here are the three things that you will need to be focused on when you get your foundation right and you launch your business:

1. Keep connecting with new people – lead generation

2. Doing sales calls to find out if you are the right fit to work together

3. Deliver exceptional value and ask for testimonials and referrals

If you are able to do all this successfully over and over again you will prosper!

I know that these 10 steps sound easy theoretically, but to execute all this in practice takes some time and effort.

What does usually go wrong for new coaches and consultants?

Nowadays, new coaches and consultants struggle because they are missing one of the key elements that I described above – their solution is not needed on the market, they don’t know how to get in front of new potential clients, they don’t know how to position their selves as an expert on sales calls, they don’t actually deliver great solutions and transformation.

If you are thinking to become a coach, consultant, teacher, it usually takes 2-3 weeks to get your foundation right and get your first client.

It takes another 1-2 months to get a few more clients and 3-5 months to get to stable sustainable monthly income.

But all this happens only if you do all things right and it works out for your smoothly.

With this post I wanted to provide you with some clarity in case that you are considering to start your online business and use a coaching and consulting idea as your business model.

What to do next? How to begin?

I have practiced and studied online business coaching and consulting for some time now. At first I helped individual clients (new life coaches) mostly with sales and digital marketing.

But afterwards, I found out that there are a few other business growth pieces that they are missing as well. So, I transitioned into business consulting and coaching.

I would love to overview your business idea and provide you with a custom strategy of how can you get your first clients or scale your business automatically to $10k a month revenue.

You can fill in the survey to find out if we are the right fit to work together and schedule a free clarity call with me to get your business launched to the next level:


If you are not filling in a survey and booking a call, write a comment down below here and tell me in which stage of your coaching business you are and describe your biggest challenge that you have and I’ll solve it in one sentence. 👇


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